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Relaxing by the Water


I'm Matt and I'm passionate about helping people!

I'm also a husband, a dad, a son, a brother, a pet owner, and a sports, fitness, food and drink enthusiast. I'm based in Frimley Green, Surrey


For my entire career, I have worked for organisations that have helped support people, quite often out of crisis situations. I have managed many different teams to deliver vital services for people and their communities and I have a vast amount of experience in managing, developing and coaching individuals.

I have a Diploma in Life Coaching and Mentoring and am currently completing a Level 5 ILM qualification in Coaching and Mentoring. I am also a qualified Mental Health First Aider.


We all have moments in our life when we feel stuck and not sure where to go or how to get there. I have felt like this on many occasions and have turned to coaching to help me find a way forward. I have worked with many coaches that have helped me over the years and this has helped inspire me to become a coach myself.


What I love most about coaching is the fact that we all have the answers to our problems - we just dont always realise it. The beauty of coaching is that it can help you unlock those answers and put you in control of your life - sometimes people just need a helping hand.

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